Acceptance of ECA Technology


ECA Technology is the next wave of green cleaning but being green is only one positive aspect to the technology. Trend setters and early adapters are starting to see all the positive benefits to the ECA Technology and below is just a small list:


  • ​On-demand production allows for the freshest product.
  • On-demand production eliminates the need to store gallons of cleaners and disinfectants freeing up the space for other uses.
  • Cost of production is under $5 a gallon which impacts the bottom line and increases margins.


Here is a brief list of companies that have taken the leap into a greener tomorrow.


​Cleaning Industry: Zerorez, Royal Plus


Retail & Grocery Industry: Whole Foods Market USA, Whole Foods Market London, Great Britain


​Food Processing: Dole Food Processing, Cedar Lane Foods


​Hospitality & Transportation: Princess Cruise Lines,  Amtrak

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