Blue Science Solutions ECA System allows the operator of the machine to preset or change the pH and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). The system controls automatically maintain the pH and ORP to the desired settings based on the application and desired concentration of each of the cleaning and/or disinfecting solutions. Blue Science Solutions ECA System uses a high powered reactor to operate the electrodes that create the cleaning and disinfecting solutions.


Competitive machines do not have the ability to create custom cleaning and disinfecting solutions or have the ability to alter the pH of the solutions. Other issues with respect to competitor equipment include: turbulent flow reaction that decreases the shelf life of the solutions created, inconsistent control of the pH of the solutions created and inefficient reaction of the salt water ingredients. 

Modifications to the original Clarentis Technologies patent cell allow for continuous manufacturing of cleaning and disinfecting solutions up to 5000 hours of production from the cell reactor. The Mini-UL 75 has the capacity to product 200 gallons of total solutions per day (cleaning and disinfecting solutions).

Blue Science Solutions Products


  • Blue-Lyte® Mini-UL 75 




Blue Science Solutions

Blue-Lyte Mini-UL 75 - ECA Production System


Blue Science Solution's Blue-Lyte ECA Production Systems are designed to produce liquidsonsite or to be distributed for use in a multitude of different applications. The production of the cleaning and disinfecting solutions is accomplished through the use of proprietary equipment developed by Clarentis Technologies LLC.


Blue Science Solutions uses an innovative version of the laminar flow electrolytic cell that was developed by Clarentis Technologies LLC. in 2004. Clarentis Technologies dramatically improved the original cell in 2009. The result, the ability to manufacture more efficacious liquids when required, with a 50% better salt conversion.