Electro-Cleaner is suitable for use in residential and commercial indoor environmental applications for general surface cleaning, janitorial cleaning, mold and professional water damage cleanups, trauma and biohazard cleanups, contents restoration, medical and healthcare applications, food contact surface cleaning, warewashing, and fire and smoke restoration cleaning of hard, non-porous surfaces.


​Electro-Cleaner can be used on various metals, wood, common hard, non-porous household or environmental surfaces, glazed ceramic tile, laminated surfaces, plastic, glass, glazed porcelain enamel, vinyl tile, etc.



Electro-Cleaner Multi-Purpose MSDS



Electro-Cleaner (Catholyte) is derived from electrochemical activated water and is a high level, concentrated, multipurpose cleaning agent. The primary ingredient of the Electro-Cleaner™ is sodium hydroxide (NAOH) at 0.015% or 150 ppm, which is a strong alkaline agent (12pH ready to use) created from natural ingredients of salt, water and electricity. Electro-Cleaner™ has a low surface tension property that makes it an effective surfactant. Made from electrochemically activated (ECA) water and salt that it colorless, odorless and leaves no residues behind. The process of electrolysis unlocks the power of ionic water chemistry that is basic, effective and safe for all restoration applications and for anyone using the Electro-Cleaner™ multipurpose cleaning agent.


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