Blue Science Solutions Applications






  • General Facility & Equipment

General Facility & Equipment Cleaning


The Blue Science Solutions products, the Electro-Cleaner and Blue-Lyte™ disinfectant can replace the existing toxic, expensive and costly cleaning and disinfecting agents currently being used by facility maintenance staff, janitorial engineers, contract cleaning companies, property managers, food and processing plant sanitation staff and healthcare environmental services technicians.


The Blue Science Solutions technology is the answer to eliminate toxic cleaners and disinfectants like quats (quaternary ammonium), phenols, alcohols, aldehydes and ammonia based products, as well as streamline the efficiency of the cleaning and disinfecting process.


Why not control the ability to make your own solutions, safely, inexpensively and on demand? No more purchasing of traditional products that need shelf or storage space. Blue Science Solutions solves the complications and lead issues for managing your chemical inventory. The Blue Science Solutions give you the power of inventory management and allow you the ability to take back control of what you are introducing into your buildings and what you are exposing the occupants of the building to.


The applications and key features of the Blue Science Solutions are: 

  • Ideal for school environments and meets EPA standard for public school IAQ recommendations.
  • Great for commercial applications and office settings.
  • Approved for healthcare and related institutional applications.
  • Approved for food contact and processing plant applications.
  • Can be applied toward LEED points for certification.
  • Safe and effective for hard surfaces.
  • No odors and no residues left behind.
  • Centralizes the locations and process for refilling. 
  • Great for common areas, food service, glass cleaning, tile cleaning, bathroom cleaning and disinfecting, hard surface furnishings, equipment cleaning, line or hose flushing, etc.