Private Labeling Solutions

Let Blue Science Solutions be your partner in the development and supply of your company’s brand for disinfectant and cleaning solutions. Our advanced water chemistry technology implements the basic concepts of electrolysis to create non-toxic and safe cleaning and sanitizing solutions for all types of markets at a low cost.  At Blue Science Solutions our main focus is in providing our customers, industry partners and our industry customers with a choice of cleaning and sanitizing products that are effective, safe, non-toxic and inexpensive.


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Are you interested in having your own brand or line of non toxic and safe cleaning and sanitizing solutions for use in consumer, commercial and institutional applications?  Blue Science Solutions can assist you with private labeling opportunities including design development, labeling and container options.  Our private label cost options are very competitive and our stream lined bottling process can support small to large volume applications.  We handle all of the appropriate EPA, FDA, USDA and Health Canada regulatory compliance and licensing for your company. Our locations within the US include Florida  (HQ), Minnesota and Virginia.  Our locations allow us to uniquely respond to customer requests for effective and inexpensive cleaning and sanitizing solutions.

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  • Private Labeling Solutions