Blue Science Solutions Applications


  • Restoration







The restoration of building systems and materials, furnishings and contents can be a challenge on any project. The choice of cleaning and sanitizing products to use on restoration projects can also be as challenging and confusing. Blue Science Solutions has simplified this decision and process for selecting a safe and effective cleaning agent and sanitizing product. The Blue Science Solutions are the ideal system for water loss restoration projects, fire restoration cleanups and any type of indoor environmental restoration necessary.


Blue Science Solutions is the ideal line of products for all types of restoration. Whether the project consists of Category 1, 2 or 3 water loss situations, fire and smoke restoration cleanups, trauma and biohazard restoration, etc., the cleaning and disinfection solutions created with the Blue Science system are the best choice for the all restoration applications.


The Electro-Cleaner, which is a high powered, multi-purpose cleaning agent with an alkaline pH (10-12) is the perfect product to use for initial, gross cleanup of all water loss categories, fire and smoke cleanups, mold remediation cleanups and contents restoration. The characteristics of Electro-Cleaner make it fantastic for ultrasonic cleaning, direct spray and low pressure flushing applications. The Electro-Cleaner has a super low surface tension, high surfactant characteristic and excellent emulsification property, which makes it the ideal cleaning agent for fabrics, carpets, upholstery, hard and non porous surfaces, building structures, contents and any other materials that are contaminated with soils, grease, chemical, biological and microbial contamination.


The Blue-Lyte solution is a high level, EPA, FDA and USDA approved disinfectant for healthcare applications, food contact surfaces, food manufacturing operations and indoor environmental applications for mold, bacteria and virus cleanups and decontamination. The primary ingredient within the Blue-Lyte disinfectant is Hypochlorous acid (HOCL), which is strong oxidizer created from natural ingredients of salt, water and electricity. The process of electrolysis unlocks the power of ionic water chemistry that is basic, effective and safe for all restoration applications and for anyone using the Blue-Lyte disinfectant.


The Electro-Cleaner and Blue-Lyte solutions are ideal for professional water damage, trauma cleanups, contents restoration and fire restoration projects. Contractors will find the Electro-Cleaner and Blue-Lyte solutions easy to use, safe to use and the excellent choice for every type of environmental restoration applications.


Key Benefits for Restoration Applications:

  • Ultra effective cleaning and disinfection characteristics
  • Ideal for natural and synthetic surfaces and materials 
  • Easy to use and ready to use solutions 
  • Cost effective and less than half the cost of competitor products 
  • Safe and no personal protective equipment (PPE) required for application 
  • Non-hazardous to the environment, building materials and contents 
  • Can be applied with little to no rinsing necessary 
  • No residues left behind 
  • No odors associated with the Electro-Cleaner or Blue-Lyte solutions