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History of ECA Technology


Electrolyzed water has been known of for over a 150 years when 19th century scientist Michael Faraday founded the laws of electrolysis. It was later found that minerals can be extracted in this process and it was used commercially by the 1870's to refine copper, zinc and nickel.


Dating back to the 1970's, this technology was used in Russia primarily in the mining industry for drill lubrication. ECA water was also used for the first time in a cleaning application, but required large solution generators. In later years, greater benefits of the technology, particularly the Anolyte (disinfectant) solution became understood and then used in Russian hospitals for disinfection.


Since then technology has improved dramatically and in the last 10 years, as portable electric power sources became more efficient, handheld units became available for cleaning and kitchen units were developed for drinking water.


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